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Adventures in Learning Design

A series of conversations about ideas, principles, research and practice. Join the LearnJam team as they explore how to make learning more effective and enjoyable, whether it's in the workplace, in school, university or at home.

Jan 22, 2021

In this episode Tim and Laurie talk to Laura Patsko about how she carried out the research that led to the creation of our evidence-informed learning design principles.

Laura is a language and pedagogy consultant and an exceptional researcher. In our conversation, we covered:

  • Laura's circuitous route to became a...

Jan 7, 2021

Motivation is one of the most important learning design principles – but also one of the most difficult to design for. Lots of the things we need to learn aren't intrinsically motivating, especially if it's something just have to learn for work or for our studies. And extrinsic motivators, like rewards and...